Yara Haynes 2014 Feature

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Yara Haynes just dropped some fresh new footy for everyone before the hash New York winter starts to go into full effect. There is no question that Yara is one of the most stylish riders in the sport. In this video he brings his East coast beast coast steeze all around the U.S. with clips in Cali and in Chicago. I hope to see more from Yara in the future as we move into 2015. I think my favorite clip was probably his double whip down that huge 5 flat 5.

Screen Shot 2014-11-24 at 6.24.30 PM


Micro MX Black Ice Promo ft Benj Friant | SnowScoot 2014

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Benjamin Friant is the Snow Scooter Pioneer! Ever year, we get the treat of being able to see what limits Benj broke on the white terrain.  The Supermans, Front and Back flips  are impressive stand alone, add in  20 foot+ snow ramps and you’re going insane. Nevertheless the combos were done as if Benj were just floating over the course. After visiting some interesting indoor snow facilities in the UK, the Black Ice was able to be tested out with technical maneuvers. All around it looks like its going to hold up for all the shredders to enjoy. Stay up to date with Micro MX Worldwide as more announcements for the MX Black Ice are revealed!

Last Years Snow Scoot Video

Issac Miller | Welcome to Vex

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Issac Miller has joined the arsenal  of the newest shoe company to hit scootering. The Vex Brand  ”VT1s” are out getting its first chance to be riding by the public but will they be able to hold up to the destroyed Issac Miller!? If you follow any of Issac’s social media pages, you’ve seen the array of broken parts left in his wake. Hands down, Issac goes hard; his recent Tilt Scooters DVD  part is a testament to that.  His new position with Vex Brand will mean more adventure for the young Issac and more content for us! Can’t wait to see what’s coming next!

Issac’s Tilt DVD part.

Impact Exclusive Interview | Elliott Arnold

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While Elliot was up here for the Seattle street jam we went out into the city a few days before and shot this interview. It was a fun time for all, Elliot is easily one of the gnarliest dudes in the sport and charges at everything he does. Enough talk sit back and see what Elliot has to say.

Screen Shot 2014-11-13 at 3.11.17 PM


Addict “OG” Deck Promo featuring Matt Mckeen, Johann Moreau, Michael Cajas, Mathias Hoist, Alex Peasley and Tobias Mayer

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Addict is back! This Xmas expect to see the new White Addict OG decks available in limited quantities around Europe. I don’t know about some of you but I might be making an order anyways from here in the USA. Why? The Addict deck and brand is a well respected and great quality. When we originally did the deck review in 2011, it was my favorite deck to date.  Improvements have been made for the re-release and production, hands down making this a must have this Xmas. Prototypes have been spotted as the Addict team has been testing and ensuring the performance!  Check out their new promo and keep your eyes on Addict!

Flavio Pesenti | Reaper Bar Promo

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Flavio is one of the most balanced and talented riders within Europe. His ability to manipulate his pegs and pop into any grind is unmatched! His Signature bars will catch your eye as you visit the shops this Xmas! Support this shredder!

Seattle Street Jam V3 Official Video by Impact Scooter News

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The Seattle Street Jam has become a sort of “holiday” among the street community.  The NW has harbored athletes throwing high risk maneuvers all in hopes of grasping the $1000 best trick prize money. It has been more than an honor to watch the street jam evolve, these last three years have gone from a decent gathering to a large event. Locals cherish the jam, visitors mark it for their calendars. We will continue to host the jam and cater to the culture. Thank you to everyone who supported and came out! Now sit back and enjoy!

- Kingsley Okocha


Congratulations to Jessee Ikedah for grabbing the win two years running! Such an outstanding land! See everyone August 1st, 2015!



Hunter Bechtle Micro x Throne Promo

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Hunter Bechtle came through with this promo for the micro completes from throne distribution. Most of the clips were filmed while he was staying up here in Seattle. Hunter has combos for days and definitely uses the most out of every spot. Give this a watch.

Issac Miller | Winter Tears

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Issac miller just real eased this very chill video, as winter starts to hit colorado it is very hard to ride in the winter. Issac still kills it tho! whip front 50-50 and whip nose blunt of the extension out of the bowl were my favorite’s in the video. Anyways enough talk let is sac’s riding speak for its self.

Screen Shot 2014-10-23 at 11.23.52 AM

Fun N Eazy – FD Full Video Teaser

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AllI can say about this is that I am beyond hyped for this full length to drop! It’s stacked with tons of talent, Im most excited to see Zach Martin and Stefan Hefner’s parts. Tons of upcoming talent in this too with the likes of Logan Crawford and Gerardo Gonzales.

Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 12.16.43 PM


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