Benjamin Friant Micro Worldwide Promo 2014 | Can’t Find A Name For That Video

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When your talking about athletes in the sport your talking about Benj! Since the beginning everyone has known Benj for his relationship with Micro. These last two years he’s traveled the entire world showcasing their new line. The ability to comfortable maneuver your scooter so high in the air is breath taking. You get lost watching all the combos in this jam packed video. I really enjoyed the go pro point of view; going upside down isn’t really for me but hey Benj, ” do your thing!” Another great video from the legend himself  and if you haven’t heard already his new Signature complete scoot is in stores now!

Tyler Bradley ADVCT Promo

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Tyler Bradley is a scooter fiend! He loves to ride and he loves the back lip! Groomed in Sammamish, its of course appropriate that he rides for local clothing brand ADVCT Scooters. His 2014 promo is short but banging. Tyler’s riding covers a wide range of technical combos being done at high speeds.  Recently, Tyler broke his foot, leg and toes so unfortunately he will be missing in action for a while. Once he returns, Tyler will be heading to college in Southern California, meaning all year we can expect a new wave of Tyler bangers! Recover well Tyler, enjoy his ADVCT promo!


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FuckThe Fin Scooter Shop takes to the streets and finds some  interesting objects to throw themselves over in this nice video. They all keep it fresh with different tricks as they run around having fun on anything they find fascinating. The Fin Scooter Shop crew always seem to have the most fun when they all go out to ride, they seem not to focus on just filming as much as they focus on having a good time; but in the end it makes for a more entertaining video to watch.

Vex X Unfair – Nambucca Heads

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shitMatt McKeen and the Vex/Unfair riders destroy this park. The other Vex and Unfair riders easily could have killed the park alone but when you toss Matt in everyone just starts pushing themselves above and beyond. So many different combos were thrown on that rail, those clips could have been a video alone. Everyone seems to be having a great time just chilling and riding together, both Vex and Unfair have set up pretty great teams that ride well together and I am looking forward to more videos from them.

Jake Sorensen at Soma West

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JakeJake Sorensen shredder for Hella Grip gets buck at Soma West skatepark. He has heel whips on lock and shows us by pulling some impressive heel whip to nose manual combos, but also shows that he as no problem just flowing around the park making it look easy. This video is very clean and well made, with that and the fact that he only throws bangers pretty much the whole time; I’d say that this video has earned your attention.

Kingsley Okocha Shop Mothership Toss Up

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imageKingsley Okocha shreds in this new toss up for Shop Mothership! He goes a lot of places and does a lot of important things, but always finds some time to get out and ride. Kingsley keeps it stylish with fat finger whips, and some ridiclous tooths. The video flows really well, and Kingsley definitely throws down the bangers for this one.

Blake & Evan at Ohio Dreams

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imageLucky Scooters pro riders Evan Yamada and “DADDY” Blake Bailor have no problem stacking up some clips at Ohio Dreams rad skatepark. They both get in some steezy tricks, and seem to have a blast just chilling and riding around with kids. Ohio Dreams has a pretty great park and also keeps inviting pros to come ride for the week; so if you can try to go check it out, should be awesome!

Elliott Arnold w/ “The Stealth”

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imageElliott GnArnold is always killing it with his rugged style and just send it attitude. He has been testing out the new Alpha Omega Stealth Deck and I’d say its holding up great! Elliot hits some of the craziest rails, and tries to go as big as possible regularly; so if this deck can hold up while he is shredding I’m sure it can handle just about anything! This video has so many crazy tricks in it and Elliot doesn’t hold back creativity when it comes to spots and combos. This edit does a great job of showing his style and how he enjoys having fun and just shredding, so make sure you check out this banger.

Chris Gascoigne Interview

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imageChris Gascoigne plays a big part in the scooter community. Not only is he a rider and co-owner of Affinity, but he also runs Ride Daily and does what ever he can to help out the sport. Affinity seems to be doing great and is gaining more recognition everyday. So here is a deeper look at someone who started Affinity.

Marcelin: Who are the team riders, and how did you pick them

Chris: Right now we just have two riders, Jarrod Bruns and Devin Pelphrey. Both of these guys are local to us but that’s not why we chose them. Both of these dudes have a unique style and just shred. Jarrod is a quite guy but has a refined style. No video can do him justice. He’s creative and dedicated. Devin is a young buck that goes fast and high. He’s not all about the latest and greatest tricks, he flows and does what he likes. Being riders ourselves, we admire riders who ride with style and follow their own tune.

 M: What is pushing you guys towards dirt scooters and the parts?
C: John Radtke and I both own Affinity. We also both happen to ride Dirt Scooters full time. Affinity isn’t a dirt company we’re a scooter company as a whole. We’re trying to fill gaps where parts should be. John and I both ride pegs on our dirt scooters and have learned that pegs open up a whole new world of tricks and make street riding a reality and make park riding way more fun. Dirt Scooters are a challenge to ride and they’re a blast at the same time. It’s not about how many whips or which direction your scooter flips, it’s more about style and working hard. Building dirt jumps requires time and dedication.
 M: Why the name Affinity? How did that come about?
C: Affinity means a spontaneous or natural liking for something. When searching for a name John and Myself spent a while with many options and Affinity seemed to be the right fit. When I first rode a scooter it was natural and I fell in love.
 M: How do you feel about being a rider started/owned brand over a company owned?
 C: To be completely honest, rider owned doesn’t mean shit unless you have business knowledge, they go hand in hand. Riders do have insight into the core and what’s legit and genuine and what’s not. I’m grateful I had the opportunity to learn a lot while working with companies like Phoenix and Scooter Zone. I am now able to leverage all that I have learned to create a company that knows what it’s doing and be able to not only create strong and reliable parts but to also give back to the sport in other ways.
M: So when you’re not working on Affinity what are you doing?
C: I own and operate Ride Daily which is a news site similar to impact but with a focus on parts. When I’m not doing that I am chilling with family and scrounging for time to ride.
M: When did you first get into scootering and how?
C: I got into scootering at the end of 2001. My bike was stolen so I picked up a scooter and the rest is history.
 M: How do you feel about the direction that sport is heading?
C: The sport is so multi faceted now that it’s being pulled in so many directions. I think it’s great we have many cultures growing in one sport. The park and more flashy side helps to recruit new riders and the street and more edgy side gets really creative and is developing a rich culture. I’m not trying to call out the street and park stuff it’s just a good example that contrasts very well to get the point across.
M: Where do you hope scootering will be in 10 years?
C: I’d really like the industry as a whole just to be healthy and lose the negative stigma. A lot of riders will be much older and the sport as a whole will have matured a lot by then. I just want riders to support brands that give back and create quality stuff.
M: What do you hope to do with Affinity?
C: I hope to build a strong company that I can use to create awesome and innovative parts. I’d also like to be in a position to give back to the sport by way of sponsoring events and hosting events and even more.
M: With a family and a company do you feel like you still ride enough?
C: Hell no. I never get enough time to ride. I’m okay with that though. I get the time to ride around a flow a bit and I’m comfortable with that. I get so much satisfaction from Affinity and my family.
 M: What are some big things we should be looking for in the future from you?
 C: We’re releasing a new bar style in the coming months with plans to work on a clamp and fork and who knows what else. We’re excited for what the future holds. If you guys like what we’re doing, the best way to support us is to request Affinity parts at your local shops!

So as you can see, Chris has planned a lot and is planning a lot for the scooter community. Is really nice to see a company that has genuine love for riding and the riders. Chris and John are really trying to help the sport mature and grow, it will be awesome to see what plans they accomplish in the future.

Lewis Crampton – District & Eagle

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imageDistrict Scooters and Eagle supply both welcome this technical rider Lewis Crampton to the team. He shows his unique ride style with a bunch of crazy tech clips, and has a lot of fun doing it. I enjoy his fresh style and interesting tricks; no many people do what he does and it makes his edits nice to watch, so check him out.

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