Tom Wear – Northern Boy

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Screenshot (41)Screenshot (40)Tom Wear Reign 55 shop rider from the UK released this sweet edit a few weeks back. Even though this isn’t the craziest or most technically street video out there, it was still a really fun video to watch. Tom has a killer style and a lot of potential to grow into a really great rider, he reminds me of a mini Jordan Jasa! Im stoked to see what he does next over in the UK. Stay up to date with Tom, he’s definitely not a rider to be slept on. Make sure to check this video out!

Brian Chavez

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I’ve never heard of this kid before but this video was super sick! Brian’s style is so clean, boosting all of his tricks the highest he can. I would like to see him put out a full street part! His set up is  kinda sketch but wouldn’t be surprised if he got swooped up by someone. The video and editing on this were on point!

Screen Shot 2014-04-23 at 10.47.29 AM

Brian Chavez from Squidia on Vimeo.

Joey Kish Grit Scooters Web Edit 2014

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JoeyGrit Scooters rider Joey Kish just dropped this chill park edit, he flows around the park throwing some great flip combos and some nice grinds! He gets a bunch of great lines in and lands a few nice bangers, its a pretty nice park edit so make sure you check it out because there are definitely are a few clip in here your going to want to see.

Phoenix Pro Scooters: Pol Acena

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imagePhoenix Pro Scooters pro rider Pol Acena just dropped this nice new mini ramp edit. He shreds the mini pretty hard throwing some rad combos like a 180 fakie FS smith to BS feeble and  a insane 180 whip to scooter fakie stall, but that’s not it. The whole video is full of tough combos all the way to the last clip, so definitely check this one out.

Megaramp Scooter Sessions | Ryan Williams & Luke Burland

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imageMADD Gear pro riders Ryan Williams and Luke Burland go hard on the Woodward West megaramp! They both throw some pretty big tricks and get huge air making it look easy. Its a gnarly edit and entertaining to watch, the megaramp is pretty huge and that doesn’t stop them from shredding and throwing down. It’s a really well done edit and is one of the craziest megaramp sessions I have seen in a while.

Blunt/Envy – South Africa Tour Ep.4

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imageEnvy/Blunt Scooters just released the last episode besides the full riding edit of the South Africa Tour. They got to see some pretty awesome places and experience a bunch of new stuff, not to mention that they got to ride  a ton of obstacles that the scooter world has yet to see or ride! Just from the few spots shown in the videos, I’m stoked to see what clips these talented riders stacked up! So if you haven’t seen all the South Africa Tour episodes you better watch them now and you better keep an eye out for the next South Africa riding edit; it’s going to be awesome!


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Elyts dropped their last instalment of The El paso trip, and it deffently was a good trip by the looks of it! I really like the concept of breaking the trip video into Episodes rather then just one long edit, keeps you erning for more. Tyler sacking that rail made my stomach turn, and of course Jessee killing it with the pegs like always!

Screen Shot 2014-04-21 at 9.49.48 AM

Tyler Bonner Reventon V2 Promo ( Mobile View)

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tylers_scoot Under the feet of the Phoenix Pro Scooter‘s team you will find the new Reventon V2 deck. All the riders have praised this deck. Pro rider Tyler Bonner has been shredding all his local spots and parks breaking it in with the fanciest of tricks. Tyler’s ability to effectively utilize all obstacles, PARK or STREET is what makes him such a great rider. Talk is Tyler will receive a signature deck sometime this year. I for one can’t wait. Until the day we wait patiently but Tyler’s got a treat for us. A compilation of recent and older footage for his new promo. Enjoy!

Logan Fuller | Friday Fire | Sculpture Apparel

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Two quick clips from Sculpture Apparel rider Logan Fuller. Style should be his middle name!



Summer’s on it’s way. Suspect some new gnar from these shredders.

Lucky Scooters | Jared Jacobs Welcome to Title

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Jared Jacobs has been on Lucky Scooters awhile and has been progressing into the young ripper he is today! Looks like lucky has noticed and bumped him up to the Title Team. For how young Jared is he proves that he can still hold it down in the streets.

Jared Jacobs Front beezy

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