Toqued n Company

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This is a classic SD parktage that is just pure fun. This includes two of Washington’s best parks, Plaza, and Sammamish with a little bit of twist with the flood lights making for a cool effect at the park. Noah Foley and Tyler Bradley collaborated together to make this night video, with a little help from Jessee Ikedah and Cameron Poe along with some of the Toqued boys they were able to create this fun night video.


Lucky Scooters | West Coast Tour l Nor Cal

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Evan Yamada, James Gee, and Blake Bailor from Lucky Scooter Parts recently went on a tour down the west coast. They stared up in Canada and made their way down all the way to Southern California, this is their 3rd video in a 4 part series of their tour. This video was filmed and edited by Aaron Hill.

“Ah Jeez” by The Toqued Boys | Throne Scooters

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The Toqued Boys have done it! “Ah Jeez” is here featuring parts from Noah Foley, Brent Ikedah, Tim Hogan, Patrick Schneider and Jayden Lee. This group of friends are at a great point in life, being able to ride and enjoy the summer days with your mates. Filming for a full length isn’t easy but is worth it in the end to see the finish product. These last four months have brought out the best in everyone ( three weeks for Jayden Lee). With so many different riding styles and personalities they truley came together to make a enjoyable video.



D Block Bowl Jam Go Ham Video

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D Block was a testing ground for a new type of jam format, The Rumble format. This has evolved over multiple attempts at other contest and it seemed to be the best fitting for a bowl jam! Overall the jam was a success, Dan Barrett took home first place and Best Trick, with his roomies Ryan Upchurch taking second and Cooper Klaar brining in third. Due to technical difficulties with the camera we were unable to capture a lot from the top 3. Special thanks to Logan Wright for filming and editing.

Rider PROfiles: Maxime Legrand| Welcome to Ethic DTC

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    Maxime Legrand has built a reputation beyond anyone else among the riders of Paris. Known to many as “Le Baron”, Maxime has been a heavy hitter since his early riding. Dissidence Team Video One is where we first encounter Maxime’s riding; six years ago Maxime was still no stranger to the bar spin or technical balance.

DISSIDENCE video number one ( the real one ) from zizimutant on Vimeo.

His long lasting relationship with Dissidence and Ethic founder, Kevin Demay, explain Maxime’s rotations through the up and coming French brands. It seemed  if  the relationship with the core of the organization suffered for either Kevin or Maxime, they both would end up leaving the brand. It’s one of the few real brotherly bonds that exist in the sport. As time has progressed from  French ID and Addict,  Le Baron sits home with UrbanArtt and EthicDTC!

Wow! After that video its hard to imagine what’s coming next. His ability doesn’t seem to have any limits. The opening clip, fakie feeble 540 cab to FS smith nose manual bar spin, had me on the floor. How many times did your jaw just drop? Ethic DTC is about to unleash a new level of videos on the industry and I for one can’t wait. Welcome to Ethic Maxime! Stay tuned to Impact Scooter News for more updates and Ride PROfiles!


maximefork  Maxime Legrand ” Le Baron” Signature UA Fork. In the best of shops soon!


Big 180 from Maxime’s Addict So What Part!


Marysville AM Jam 2014 Official Video

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image (2)

Lets start off with the special thanks to Logan Wright for assisting in filming and Ian Herncjar in being our editor. The Marysville AM gathers together the up and coming shredders for a major street session. Getchell High School is practically perfect, it has big sets ( not shown), small sets, ledges, and a few rails if you got the hops. The scene in the NW is going to kill it as these guys mature… scratch that, they already kill it. Local brand ZG Pro Scooters made an appearance with Camron Ridley and Alex Fish, keep your eyes on them, they’ll be heavy hitters in years to come. Thanks to everyone who came out and hope to see everyone next year.

“Ah Jeez” Tease #2 presented by Toqued Boys

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A Full Length video is a challenge for any group of riders, it requires an extended amount of dedication to filming and execution. The Toqued Boys started a just a joke passed around by this group of friends but has evolved to what should be an amazing group of riders. The group’s composed of Noah Foley, Patrick Schneider, and Brent Ikedah from Sammamish. These guys have been fortunate enough to be maturing their riding under the wings of the great riders that built their scene, such as Brent being the younger brother to Envy Pro rider Jessee Ikedah. If you were at Seattle Street Jam v2 then you saw Tim Hogan hold it down in the white button up; he’s a classy dude from Maple Valley and another young expert behind the camera. Up north in Chilliwack BC, Canada, Jayden Lee is a lone soldier for Toqued but really that’s all you need with him.  Jayden’s got more tricks then I can count. This full length is set to drop at the end of the month so make sure to keep your eyes on watch for more info. You are not going to want to miss it!

Shop Mothership Presents Subway Washington Games 2014

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Shop Mothership has partnered with Subway to promote the Washington Games contest for almost a decade. Each year young riders get to compete with their mates and push each others riding. Part of keeping a sport alive is fueling the competitive  nature between participants. That isn’t to say we lose any fun in the process either. Washington Games will continue to be the flagship scooter contest for the Seattle area and I can’t wait to see it grow in years to come. Congratulations to Mikey Goverushkin for killing it in the comp and taking first place. No one ride the bowl like you man!

Welcome to Blunt | Johan Grunwald

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Johan Grunwald is a perfect fit for Blunt Scooters Europe.  The Denmark community is lucky to have this shredder in their midst; Johan kills street and park while being an involved contributor to the industry. Last year he appeared in the premier team Blaqe Philly Trip video; by far brining the most technical combos to the east coast. Johan has been traveling with the Blunt Scooters Europe guys long enough. They made him family and from here on out we should expect to see more bangers and good times.

Yago Navarro

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What a killer! This kids got style! Yago’s video was short and sweet with high speed tricks. The versatility of his riding was super impressive. Keep it up man!

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