Lucky Scooters | Jared Jacobs Welcome to Title

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Jared Jacobs has been on Lucky Scooters awhile and has been progressing into the young ripper he is today! Looks like lucky has noticed and bumped him up to the Title Team. For how young Jared is he proves that he can still hold it down in the streets.

Jared Jacobs Front beezy

Chris Hart – Old & New Eagle Clips

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imagePro rider for Eagle Wheels & District Scooters Chris Hart gets gnarly at these rad parks, he hits a bunch of nice obstacles throwing some awesome tricks ether onto or off all of them. I enjoy Chris’s ride style, he keeps it fresh with a wide variety of tricks and lands most of them very clean. He has a lot of control over his scooter and that makes the technical grinds and combos that he does easier and look better. This is a well made edit with some great clips in it so go ahead and give it a view.

Percept Eyewear || 2BCN N BACK

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Screenshot (35)Ryan Upchurch and the rest of the Percept crew filmed this chill video on their Barcelona trip recently for the Haske Street Jam. They got a lot of really cool scenic shots of some of the beautiful places Spain has to offer, as well as getting some sick tricks on film. This video did a really good job of representing the scooter lifestyle,  just by watching the video i felt as if i was almost there, and you get nothing but good vibes from every scene. You can tell just by watching the video that it was a great experiance for everyone, and that it was overall a really fun trip.  You even see ryan hop on a skateboard and the mini ramp, then hop on a  snowboard and tear up some park obstacles down the slope!



Screenshot (37)



Screenshot (38)

Javi Trepat at Vilanova

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imageUrban Artt & Haske Scooter Shop rider Javi Trepat dropped this quick little edit two days ago. He grabs his camera and heads over to Vilanova skatepark for a nice session. Javi kills the rails and box with nice ice pick combos and rad 360s, even with it being a short edit he still gets some solid tricks in and seems to have some fun doing it so make sure you check it out.


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Another video emerges from the Haske Street Jam, This time from AO Scooters. I really enjoyed this video because it showed the jam from a diffrent perspective through the eyes of the AO team. Of course Elliot Arnold “Helliot Gnarnold” winning it with his crazy board backlip whip.Elliot

Fin Scooter Shop Spring 2014

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finscooterRiders from the Fin Scooter Shop just dropped a new street Spring 2014 edit. They hit a bunch of rad rails and ledges throwing some pretty difficult combos, I enjoy the way they made this edit as well; they hit a bunch of medium sized objects but the tricks they throw on them makes it pretty impressive. These riders keep it pretty clean as they shred around the streets double whipping and throwing just about every grind. I am stoked to see what the riders from Fin Scooter Shop will produce as we move further into summer, make sure you keep an eye out for them!


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The Elyts guys took a trip to El Paso, Texas awhile back and this is the 3rd installment of their trip. Cory claims it to be the “Banger Day” and bangers it was! From big drops and gaps to techy nose manuals, this video had a little bit of everything. Zig Short jumping down this massive gap called the tomb stone was nuts but my favorite clip was probably Jessee Ikedah’s tooth pick on the over vert street quarter! Not sure how many more El Paso videos are to come but I am defiantly eggier to see them!


Flemongo x Forshey | Thug Life

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imageThis chill little edit comes from Flavor rider Nathan Flemongo, he cruises a couple rad parks with his friend throwing some pretty nice tricks. Throwing some nice double peg combos and some nice FS boards they make the parks look super fun! These guys got some pretty solid trick filmed so check it out.

Scooter Zone/EPIC At TIC

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imageRiders Julio Oceguera, Nick Darger, Collin Dasilva, Billy Evers, and Paul Jurenas filmed this nice little edit and released it a little bit ago. They started filming after moving Scooter Zone into TIC’s Pro Shop in New Jersey, the park looks pretty fun and they stacked up some nice footage. Make sure you check it out because there are some nice tricks/combos landed.

Brent Ikedah| Toqued

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Scootering is definitely in Brent’s blood. Taking after his brother, he loves spinning frontside, and is also capable of taking his riding from the parks to the streets on a whim. He is definitely on the come up and I expect big things from him. Check out his new street video.

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