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Canadian ISA Qualifier

Posted by Alex Blome on 27 March, 2017

Some of our team is going to Canada at the end of April for an ISA competition! We're going to meet up with the local homies from North Scooters and hit the streets of Vancouver before and after the comp to stack for upcoming videos.

P.S.  Seattle Street Jam 6 Info coming soon! stay tuned

Portland Street Jam 2016

Posted by James Lewis on 23 September, 2016

On July 30th of this year we collaborated with TSI Scooters to host the first ever Portland street jam. With riders coming in from all over, the event was most definitely a success. Starting on the west side of Portland at Lincoln high school and pushing through downtown hitting spots all over, riders of all ages were able to come together, shred, and have a chance to win a little bit of cash. Enjoy the official video of the first annual PDX street jam!

We'd like to give a huge thanks to Dan Barrett and Chase Robertson for organizing the event!

San Diego Street Jam 2016

Posted by Kingsley Okocha on 17 September, 2016

With Summer coming to an end that means the street jam season is over. All across the country, actually all across the world, local communities host their own street jams to bring out the big names and new talent who want to prove themselves. San Diego is no different. The diversity  in spots made this an extra enjoyable watch. Kids front flipping off roofs was not expected. Even the cops showed up in an attempt to shut down the jam, doesn't seem to have worked. Can't wait till next year!


Chicago Street Jam 2016

Posted by Kingsley Okocha on 16 September, 2016

Tilt Scooters has outdone themselves with another great video. The Chicago Street Jam is one of the most anticipated events of the year. This year there was a new collection of spots unveiled; as usual the spots were destroyed. The video highlights the Chicago Jam's favorited part, scootering around the city with a mass of riders. Civilians start whipping out their phones and cheering on this unusual occurrence as we a community show scooters are here! 


Dissidence Scooter Shop California Trip Video

Posted by Kingsley Okocha on 09 September, 2016

Dissidence team videos takes you back to an early 2007/2008 period when the original french scooter crew would bless the tight nitch community with their footage of wild antics and ahead of their time tricks. Over the years many different brands have branched from this upbringings and the Dissidence Team videos faded away for other projects. JD, Alexis, and Boris went to LA, San Diego and Mexico for a 10 day adventure. From killing it in the streets to showing Woodward West their french style, these guys have made one kick *ss video. 


Stefan Hefner Recovery

Posted by Kingsley Okocha on 08 September, 2016

Stefan Hefner is our subject for this weeks Throwback Thursday. His "Recovery" part is a favorite, Stefan filmed for over a year with his buddies back in the Source Scooters age. Videos like this don't come every day, take a moment and rewatch Stefan Hefner Recovery. 


Chris Pollak

Posted by Kingsley Okocha on 07 September, 2016

Chris Pollak is rider with a creative take on riding and filming. As riders come into adulthood it seems everyone has a " break out" period where personal expression is a big focus. As well the talent level during this period always seems to jump; Chris is an example of this with his newest video for Mothership. 


Camron Ridley Rail Hop

Posted by Kingsley Okocha on 06 September, 2016

Camron Ridley Rail Hop May 2014 

photo by King Okocha

Proto Scooters Space Deck Review

Posted by Kingsley Okocha on 05 September, 2016


Proto Scooters has released their long anticipated Space Deck! This summer practically the entire country got to see the team tear every street jam while shredding the prototypes. With their release the options in sizes are 21 long, 22 long, and 23 long; making the space deck the one of the biggest scooter decks on the market ( also with TSI). 


  The announcement of the TDI head tube system by Andrew Broussard back in 2008 seemed like a far fetched concept; it was unclear if it would ever catch on and become a product available to the public. Nevertheless, Andrew pursued  getting the TDI system applied. First with the Orion deck and now the Space deck. The three holes at the top of the extrusion ( deck base ) are where the bolts are mounted to lock the slide in head tube. The intention is to create a space where a wider variety in deck length, width and angle combos are possible by reverting back to a more assembly you deck era. Currently the Space decks are being received well and Proto / TGE Distribution have been cranking them out nonstop since going on sale. 



The Proto Team has been a force of nature this summer. The wide base and flat sides make it optimal for 50/50 combos and cruising bowls. The dropouts are shaped for 5-0 grinds introducing more possibilities for grinds. The Space deck has a stiff feeling under your feet  accompanied with a 5 inch base; knowing how to mange the surface area is key to being able to enjoy to max performance.




Yung Pear 🍐 Stuntin on this rail @parrishfoundearth #rideproto #protoscooters #protospacedeck #scootering

A video posted by PROTO scooters (@protoscooters) on

The images are credited to Proto Scooters and The videos were used from the Proto Scooters Instagram Page for an educational purpose. Follow Proto Scooters on instagram at or @protoscooters.   

Jessee Ikedah Double Peg

Posted by Kingsley Okocha on 04 September, 2016

photo by Stefan Hefner 

Wisconsin 2013 

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