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Jayden Lee Welcome to Lucky Scooters

by Kingsley Okocha May 24, 2016

Jayden Lee hails from the great up north! From Chilliwack Canada, Jayden has a variety of parks and spots to hit up for a great session. This last year for Jayden has been a fight due to being diagnosed with Leukemia . Not the news a young rider wants to hear. Jayden didn't let that stop him. He was determined to get healthy and get back on top of his riding game.When faced with adversities a strong spirit is what can help someone overcome them, just like when you are battling a trick at a spot. Jayden got himself a spot on Lucky Scooters and now that he is at peak condition again we can expect some new footage more regularly. As a late "Welcome to" here is his Welcome to Lucky Scooters edit! 


Kingsley Okocha
Kingsley Okocha