Affinity Classic XL T Bar Heat Finished- Oversized

Affinity Classic XL T Bar Heat Finished*

The Classic T bar boasts a thick .083” Crossbar. By using this thickness the bar is able to maintain strength while enabling that classic T bar look. The steerer tube is a .058 thick” and fits nicely on most compression systems. This combination of wall thicknesses and quality welding creates a superior T bar.

The bar is protected with a professional powder coat to protect the Chromoly Steel from rusting and it creates a look unique to Affinity. If you’re looking for a high quality T bar that will last then look no further. Affinity is the right choice for you.

·        Made from resilient Chromoly Steel

·        24" Wide x 28" Tall

·        .083” Crossbar for superior strength

·        .065” – Standard / .058” – Oversized Steerer tube for weight savings and compatibility 

·        High Quality Powder Coat

·        Locally made in Southern California

·        Rider owned and operated Company with years of professional experience