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Dominator Airborne Scooter

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The Airborne deck comes in at 4.7” wide. This scooter is light and strong for intermediate up to pro riding abilities. The Airborne comes fitted with 110mm alloy core wheels by District and is run with a Mini HIC compression, including threadless alloy fork.


  • Deck: 19.6in long / 4.7in wide
  • Bars: One Piece Steel Bar -  23in / 22in wide
  • Grips: Soft Rubber Compound by District
  • Fork: Mini HIC Threadless Alloy Fork by District
  • Wheels: 110mm Aluminium 7 spoke District Core Wheels by District
  • Clamp: Triple clamp with M6 steel bolts grade 8 steel
  • Headset: Integrated District Headset