Envy Colt Complete

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Envy presents the first edition Colt Pro Scooter! Perfect for beginner and intermediate riders looking for high-end components and a lightweight, durable ride. The Envy Colt complete is a super smooth ride and a great value.

Get your feet on the Colt's deck, a comfortable 4.45" wide and 19" long. The 6 Series aircraft aluminum deck is lightweight and sturdy for greater manageability and better handling, with an 82.5 degrees headtube angle. Envy block logo griptape keeps footing in place while you rock your street sesh. 

The Envy Colt 100mm polyurethane metal core wheel is designed to be the best performing wheel on the market, providing maximum rebound, speed, grip, bonding and strength.

The Envy Colt is the perfect entry level pro scooter, and a perfect value scooter for intermediate riders looking for high-quality components constructed by one of the most respected brands in the industry.

    • Wheels: 100mm Metal Core wheels 88A PU 
    • Deck: 6 Series Alu deck  | angle 82.5  | 4.45" W 19" L
    • Grip tape: Envy Block logo griptape
    • Fork: 4130 Heat treated Two Piece fork
    • Compression: MINI HIC
    • Headset: Integrated and fully sealed 
    • Clamp: 2 bolt clamp 
    • Bar: High tensile 550mm/21.65" High x 490mm/19.3" wide 
    • Grips: Envy TPR Handgrips with Nylon bar ends
    • Weight: 7.5 pounds 

    Ride height from Ground 33"