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Root Industries - Invictus Complete

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The main goal that Root Industries set out to achieve with their range of complete scooters, was to give the rider a weapon that would allow them to progress quicker. The Invictus achieves this with its perfectly balanced deck, designed to maximise the foot-space whilst remaining compact. The ultra-wide AIR wheels add to the stability of the scooter, making progression a lot easier for the rider. Combine that with the unrivaled speed gained from Root Industries famous ABEC-11 bearings, the lightness of the HMA bars, and the whipping ability of the frictionless ultra-smooth headset, and you have a scooter that will help you progress so fast in the sport, it’s almost like cheating!


Main Features:

  • 110mm x 30mm AIR Wheels
  • Famously-fast ABEC-11 bearings
  • Aluminum handlebars - 24” x 23” 
  • IHC Compression
  • All new super-soft R2 Grips
  • AIR Headset 
  • Deck: 4.8” x 19.7”
  • Headtube angle
  • Invictus forks
  • Nylon brake
  • High-tensile axles
  • Unique “one-tool” assembly and disassembly