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  • SR Top 10 Most Influential Riders

    лютий 29, 2016 4 min read

    SR’s Top 10 Most Influential Riders


    The world is propelled by innovation. The collective human perception is in constant movement forward, fueled by innovation.

    Innovation brings impossible into possible. It invites the world into new territory of capability.

    The same function applies to innovation in scootering. When someone invents a trick or a style, it allows others to conceive what previously never existed. Anyone who has ever invented a trick in any discipline of life, is sincerely the most valuable among us. They are beacons in the pollution of unoriginality.

    Below is a list of riders who, in my opinion, embody this principle in scootering. This list is to acknowledge those potent and integral enough to shift the entire sport of scootering. It is to thank those who have something to say and actually say it.

    In no specific order:

    1. Matt McKeen (Video from 2007)

    Without even needing to be said, Matt McKeen is one of, if not the most prominent and vital  pacesetters of street riding. His Scooterology part came out over nine years ago and hasn’t stopped reverberating within the standards of street application since. With pure unrestrained style, McKeen is one of the few riders to every really earn mass respect from the action sports community, outside of scootering. He continues to fuel street riding with unique trick application and unparalleled speed.

    2. Dylan Kasson (Video from 2010)

    In addition to his unmatchable style and work ethic, Dylan Kasson played a huge role in popularizing the variance in usage of back/frontside spins and tail/heelwhips.  He has been one of the major spearheads in the video production side of scootering. He has worked with two of the most renowned scooter companies (Proto and Tilt) and has been a major contributor in the production of some of the most acclaimed full lengths (Scoot Ohio, Catalyst, Armageddon, Tilt 2).

    3. Conor Davidson (Video from 2011)

    Ever since the first real eruption of the scooter era, Conor Davidson has had a significant voice. He can be credited with the conception of countless trick variations and is one of the first to popularize overcooks, 50-50s, nose-mannys, smiths, and forward grinds. He was one of the major coordinators for the early east coast community and produced several of the most timeless east coast montages (Edison Sesh, Oil City Day Video, NorthEast Scootsgiving, and New York Comes to Boston). Not to mention he was the first to do the ever so popular, “Scooter Check”.

    4. Jordan Jasa (Video from 2015)

    Jordan Jasa can be credited with playing a huge role in the fostering of the midwest scooter community. He has heavily contributed to major midwest companies (SkyHigh and Tilt) and co-founded one the most popular scooter blogs ever in existence, InsideScooters. InsideScooters remains one of the most popular scooter blogs and has given Jordan’s voice immense power and influence.

    5. Andrew Broussard (Video from 2010)

    Starting in the RVM (Razor Video Mag) era, Andrew Broussard has likely had the most industry influence out of any individual in scootering. Andrew founded Proto Scooters, River Wheels, TGE Distribution, and this website (Scooter Resource). The Scooter Resource was the first and most powerful scooter forum/website in scootering history. It was the first platform that unified the scooter community and allowed scootering to really take legitimate form. Andrew was also one of the first to ever produce aftermarket scooter parts (Buff Bars and the SR Fork) and is the inventor of the hugely used SCS system, as well as the more recent TDI system. He produced and directed two of the most significant full lengths, Catalyst and Armageddon. He’s helped establish and run major US competitions and after sparking the interest of Nitro Circus members, demonstrated the possibilities of Megaramp riding. His approach to riding is exceptionally unique and precise and he is, in many people’s minds, the godfather of scootering.

    6. Greg “Hep Greg” Cohen (Video from 2009)

    Hep Greg’s style and spot usage is unsurpassed. He is one of the main popularizers of the overcook, regular crook, and 50-50. He was a huge function of the early New York scene and embodies what it means to have character in riding.

    7. Tyler Wheeland (Video from 2012)

    Tyler Wheeland was one of the main facilitators of the early SoCal scene and one of the first riders to fully utilize the SoCal landscape. He brought wall rides and inside 50-50 variations to the mainstream and has filmed clips in just about every rider’s videos.

    8. Jon Knudtson (Video from 2012)

    Jon Knudtson has one of the most extraordinary and creative styles in scootering. He was one the first riders to successfully apply cavemans, cross foots, sexchanges, and switch riding. He embodies east coast A-to-B riding and can be credited with opening the doors for abstract street application.

    9. Terry Price (Video from 2007)

    Terry Price’s Micro Scooter Video is over nine years old and can still hold up against nearly every park video of today. The number of “world’s first” tricks he’s landed, including the double backflip, is countless. His early videos in 2007/2008 were years ahead of their time and set the standard for park riding.

    10. Coedie Donovan (Video from 2007)

    Coedie Donovan was one of the main riders to put Australia on the map in scootering. His range of riding ability is second to none. He can ride just about anything better than just about anyone. He’s created countless tricks/trick variations and took trick height and intensity to new levels. Not to mention, he was and still is one of the few high-level riders to seemingly always know how to prioritize and showcase having fun while scootering.

    With the list only being 10 riders long, it is obviously missing some crucial riders. It is our wish to acknowledge our top 10 but not disregard the many others who have and continue to serve similar roles.

    – Bobby Pantano

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