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  • Heatwave Tour Journal - by Jackson Brower (Part 3 of 3)

    вересень 07, 2018 8 min read

    Heatwave Tour Journal - by Jackson Brower (Part 3 of 3)

    7/27 Albuquerque, NM
    Went to these famous red rails at this school in ABQ, Lauchlan ended up booting his ankle again good. Went to Kryptic Pro Scooter then had a ride day at a skatepark near there. It was a very hot time and lots of water was consumed. We went to a few spots after and got some clips.
    7/28 Albuquerque, NM
    Went filming all day. Super hot outside. Hate the sun. Lots of water. Got a really good clip on this redirect rail at his famous spot. Went to a huge ditch in the afternoon and cruised it until sunset. It was a beautiful sunset.
    7/29 Albuquerque, NM
    Spent our last day in NM going to ditches and other spots. Lots of water and sun. Had a good lil party at Tommy’s house for the last night there. Huge ups for letting us stay there.
    7/30 New Mexico & Arizona
    Drove through New Mexico into Arizona, stopped at a ghost town called Two Guns, Arizona. It’s a abandoned KOA (Kampground of America) that has a empty swimming pool that’s covered in graffiti that me and Badger got a clip in. Very eerie place. Got to Flagstaff, Arizona for the night and got a motel, very luxury for us.
    7/31 - Arizona & California
    Drove about 100 miles to the Grand Canyon. Such a beautiful and unreal place. Walked around a bunch with the North boys and took lots of pictures. The squirrels were very friendly there. Lots of people from around the world there. Drove all day and night after that thru Arizona and got to San Diego at about 3 am to the Brillo house. Thanks for letting us crash there.
    8/1 Riverside /San Diego, California
    went to a few dots around San Diego with the north boys and went to the beach. Amazing to swim I. The ocean for the first time ever. Couldn’t get the salt out of my mouth. Camped on mission bay in the van.
    8/2 San Diego/ La Jolla
    Woke up next to the ocean was really nice. Went to this cliff area to go swimming in La Jolla that had a big group of sea lions around getting fish, so we ended up watching the wildlife around then went back to the beach. Scootered around later that night and camped at fiesta Island by Mission Bay.
    8/3 San Diego, CA
    Went to Linda vista all day and rode the new skatepark built there. Got some good clips, Drank lots of water and rode some more. Stayed at Fiesta Island again tonight and threw my hammock on the van.
    8/4 SD 12
    Woke up at 6 am and helped Ethan set up the booth for sd12, then sat in he booth and looked around a bit all day and watched some of the riders compete at Clairemont Skatepark. Huge jumps big boosts scary bails. Congrats to everyone who threw down. Classic after party at Andy from AO’s house. I ended up staying at a girls house that night but the north boys tried to crash in a Walmart parking lot and got kicked out, and ended up going back to Andy’s cul-de-sac and sleeping there until 5am and getting yelled at by neighbors. I slept quite well that night on the other hand.
    8/5 Downtown San Diego
    After hearing about the north boys experience the night before, we rode spots in dt sd all day with Devin and Richard Harck, was nice riding and filming with them. Good end to San Diego even though there wasn’t a street jam this visit.
    8/6- San Diego/ El Toro/ Newport Beach
    Left San Diego this morning and drove toward Los Angeles, California. Went to eltoro and got something really good on the 20 stair handrail there, very glad it was one n done. Stayed at Newport Beach in a motel 6 and went to the pier there and saw a bunch of locals night fishing.
    8/7 Culver City / Los Angeles, CA
    Made it to the vault pro scooters this morning and Ethan made a few videos for them with the new decks coming out. Went to the LA court house and filmed a couple videos with grapeslushies aka Sean from the vault there. After that we went to Hollywood High School and filmed Lachlan doing some crazy stuff there. Made it to San Luis Obispo that night and stayed at Devin7s House.
    8/8 San Luis Obispo, CA
    Went to slo skatepark with dev and met up with some of the brkfst boys there kaeden and manta Rey. Thy took us to Cal Poly which is basically just a giant skatepark all across their campus, was very neat to push around and get clips there. Very humid still. Went back to Devin’s for the night and skippy puked from tequila
    8/9 SLO / Williams / Red Bluff, CA
    Left Devin's house in the am and drove all day thru mid/Northern California. At about 930 pm and 30 minutes away from Redding, CA the amp light for the car turned on and I lost all power steering, forcing us to pull if for the night and wait to get it fixed in the morning. Slept on top of the van and was pretty decent.
    8/10 Red Bluff, CA & Portland, Oregon
    200$ later and 2 hours of work Dan had us up and running, back on the road to Portland Oregon. 9 hours later we got to PDX and stayed at Lucas’s house for the night where we got to see all of the buddies from everywhere.
    8/11-Portland, Oregon street jam
    Pdx street jam was crazy. Started at Lincoln as usual then went to a few other familiar spots, some crazy stuff went down. After party at Lucas’s with everybody was a great time, glad to see all of the boys again.
    8/12 -Portland, OR
    Lucas took us to spots all around pdx today with me and the north boys, fell at the last spot trying a fs lip and it got me good. Hopefully will get it before we leave.
    8/13- Portland, OR
    Loafed around at Lucas’s House most of the morning, went to a a skatepark in the afternoon then road around electric scooters and took the evening off to relax.
    8/14 Portland, OR
    Waited for Lucas to get off work then went to a bunch of spots to film, and at the end of the day I felt like we should go back to the rail I got dusted on, and got the clip within a few tries. Hate coming back to a spot after not getting something I want so I was glad to come back with a clear head and land it. Great end to Portland, huge thanks to Lucas for housing the squad.
    8/15 Portland/Seattle
    Left Lucas’s and got to Seattle, made it to Alex Blome’s house. Got to have Dicks Burgers again for the first time in a while, not the best but cheap. Went to Greenlake for a bit and saw all the buds.
    8/16 Seattle
    Hung out at Alex’s for a bit and rode Dahl and Greenlake, nice kickback day.
    8/17 Seattle
    Went to Seattle Hempfest with the buds all day, was interesting to see a hide culture change from living in Idaho. Had a really fun time checking out all the booths and meeting a new people. Me and some of the boys ended up getting split up from some of the squad and ended up having to push 4 miles to Dahl because the bus was too full.
    8/18 Seattle Streetjam
    Seattle street jam was absolutely insane, all of the mothership boys and hotsoup buds killed it. At the first spot on the bank I ended up hurting my hand super bad and couldn’t ride for the rest of the day. Austin Coates was Going off and got second place, & J Burk hot 1st, was crazy to see him ride he was killing it at every spot. So many more people that killed it as well, best street jam this trip bar none. Had a bonfire with all the boys at lake Washington, some quality friends and a great time.
    8/19 Seattle
    1800HOTSOUP, Grind Device and Alex Blome threw a bowl jam today at Greenlake skatepark. Tedrick killed it along with a bunch of other people. Hand is still messed up and swollen, might go to a hospital and get it checked out. Was great to hang it with all of the hotsoup brethren and pals.
    8/20 Seattle
    Hand is still really bad so I got it check out today, ended up getting a tiny fracture in the middle finger bone in my hand. Got it splinted up and a brace to take home. Should be good in two weeks.Hung out for the rest of the day while everyone rode. Super Smokey here.
    8/21 Seattle / Bellingham
    Left Alex’s house today and drove the van to Bellingham, Washington and stayed at Jburks house for the night. Can tell it’s going to get more Smokey the farther north we go with all of these fires around us.
    8/22 Bellingham, Washington
    Went to Jburks locals skatepark and hung out while everyone rode then went to Gelsons house and hung out for a bit then went to a local spot down the street and messed around on the skateboard while everyone messed around on the spot.
    8/23 Bellingham / chilliwack
    Left Jburks today and headed up north to Chilliwack, BC to Travis Minions House. Border was very easy going and quick. Got to Chilliwack and skateboarded a little bit at the local until Travis was off work then crashed at his house for the night.
    8/24 Chilliwack, BC
    Went back to the same local in Chilli and skateboarded for a while then handed out some stickers to the locals. Sneeth defended a kid that almost got beat up for no reason. Super smokey. Got a 1-800-hotsoup tattoo from Travis Minion’s brother’s friend who conveniently brought a tattoo gun over ready to go.
    8/25 Chilliwack / Kelowna, BC
    Been nice not to drive since my hand is hurt now. Got to Kelowna, BC and dropped off Kyle and Lemur at their houses, it was nice to see the relief they had to be home and see their town again after two months. Ended up sleeping in the van with Lachlan and Simon in the van at the local skatepark in Kelowna.
    8/26 Kelowna, BC
    Ended up milling around town with Laughlin and Simon, Lachlans got a really good clip on a double kink. hung out on the bay and went to a “rib fest”

    Ended up sleeping in the van at the same local skatepark.
    8/27 Kelowna / Calgary, Alberta
    Left Kelowna and drove 8 hours to Calgary, where I said goodbye to Ethan and Simon, who took the van to Red Deer, Alberta where they both live around. Staying at Lachlans house for the night and buy a ticket for the greyhound tomorrow.
    8/28 Calgary
    Found out that tickets are sold out until This Saturday so I’m stuck here for a few more days, hyped to stay here for a hit and check out Calgary. Went to Lachlans local park and met his buddies, really like the scene here.
    8/29 Calgary / Airdrie
    Went to Airdrie skatepark and tried to ride around, couldn’t really. Another day of just going around Calgary and going to he local park and riding for a bit then going back to his house. Had a home cooked meal for the first time in two months and it was amazing.
    8/30 Calgary
    Filmed Lachlan doing a cool trick on a lil redirect rail. Went to the local after that and rode for a bit, hand is getting Mabel to ride now.
    8/31 Calgary/ Drumheller AB
    Went to Drumheller, quite a tiny tourist tour that is famous for lots of dinasour fossils. Met “Scoots” and rode the local there. Able to ride a bit more.
    9/1 Calgary , Alberta
    Hung out at Lachlans and went to the local for a bit before heading to the greyhound station at 7. Very grateful for Lachlan housing me for a week.
    9/2 USA
    Made it back into the US. Coming back into The US seems a lot more strenuous than coming into Canada. Had a four hour layover in Seattle so Blome came and picked me up and rode with him and some other buddies at Dahl and Greenlake until I had to take the light rail back to the greyhound and get back on.
    9/3 Boise, Idaho
    Made it back to boise this morning, was jive to come back this time and not have it be Smokey at all. Was very relieving to see the foothills coming into downtown. Bittersweet feeling to be home but regardless glad to be back.