Mike Hohmann & Brian Noyes

June 08, 2016 1 min read

Gnarly! No other word better describes these two! I had the pleasure of crossing paths with these two last summer when they were in progress of filming this video. the legends are true; Mike Hommann and Brian Noyes have traveled the country living off a few dollars a day all in search of a good time and spots! Brian's double bars spins are nothing to blink at. watching him throw double bars into rails, down gaps and into stalls showcased Brian's signature style. as well as the many bails Brian took! hell yeah brother! Mike keeps you looking at his feet with the constant sex changing and riding switch. his technical side is backed up by huge drops; thank God he's on a TSI! The way this guys ride it is no wonder they are apart of the NW original aftermarket brand TSI Scooters. Gnarly dudes and a gnarly video! Mothership will continue to give you updates on the best in scootering!