About Us

Shop Mothership Pro Scooters - The best freestyle scooters built piece by piece & customized by you.  We have the best selection of custom complete scooters for sale in the entire NorthWest.  Dialed since '09, shipping international since 2011.


We <3 our local NW companies!  shopmothership.com is the official website for Mothership & we pride ourselves on our family of riders, selection, shipping & service.


We introduced & gained scooters accessibility to the world famous skatepark Skatebarn West [R.I.P.] in 2006.  In turn this led to developing one of the nations first running annual contests, Cootercon.  The contest, in turn inspired the creation of Mothership after witnessing local companies produce successful after market scooter parts (RAD, TSI, LUCKY, PHOENIX, ZERO GRAVITY), we opened a tiny 8'x10' shop in the summer of '09.  A team was created via the contests, collecting some the NW's greatest talent to train at the playground for free.  Some of the worlds biggest riders started with us, they are still are here with us.


Recognize these quotes from your old favorite online retailers? "Your online scooter superstore!!!" "Your #1 extreme kick scooter website" "The only site that has EVERYTHING for your scooter!" We do not claim we will ever be the biggest, have the most extensive, or be the best.  We are simply enthusiasts that love riding/rolling period, have been here from the beginning and will continue to promote contests, overturn parks decisions on scooter bans, and produce riders that will innovate the sport for years to come. Thank you in advance for your support & much respect.