Heatwave Tour Journal - by Jackson Brower (Part 1 of 3)

September 04, 2018 3 min read

Notes from publisher Noah : 
Jackson seemed more than stoked to be apart of this trip. Many scooter riders dream of such an excursion, but few are lucky to be apart of it. As fans we only see the videos after the fact. When we make videos we leave details out or have a narrative for constructing the video. It is really unique and special to see a scooter rider document their travels as a journal. Thank you goes out to Jackson Brower for putting together a unique glimpse into the travels of a scooter rider. 
HEATWAVE TOUR by Jackson Brower
Part 1 of 3
Ready, set ...
7/4 Boise, USA > Calgary, Alberta, Canada
So I started in Boise and took a greyhound to Calgary, Alberta. It took 36 hours to get up there with a few layovers and bus transfer in between.  I arrived at 11p and it was the most beautiful drive I've experienced.  When I got to Calgary that night I met up with Lachlan.
7/5 Calgary, Alberta
Ethan (he’s the young guy that runs north and out this trip altogether) and I got the van prepped that he bought a few weeks prior to this.  After we got it all prepped we met up with Lachlan, Kyle, Liam and Mac Skippy and left eastward from Calgary towards our first destination Toronto. Left Calgary and drove until 2 am. Parked off a highway and camped at what looked like a farmer’s field. Most stars I’ve ever seen.
7/6 Saskatchewan-Manitoba
Drove over 1,000 km today in the van. Went thru a town called Kenora then camped off the highway under some power lines. Mosquitos sucked. Lots of flat lands.
7/7 Manitoba-Ontario
Drove about 1,500 km today. Went thru Manitoba and arrived in Ontario. Found the coolest camping spot with a swimming hole. Legauch got a leech on his foot and my tent went into the river.
7/8 Ontario-Quebec 
Drove from 7 am until 5 am to get to Montréal. Saw the Great Lakes along with several other ones along the way. Drove about 1k km 
7/9 Montreal, Quebec 
Got to Montréal this morning. Went to downtown and filmed for the first time this trip. Got lost with skip but we asked some French people how to get back. Very few know English, very different culture. Rode an indoor called taz. Camped in taz skatepark 
7/10 Montreal, Quebec & Toronto, Ontario
Drove from Montreal to Toronto. Had a bbq and met some dudes from cosmic. Went to king city skatepark with the boys. Slept on a couch, best sleep so far.
7/11 Toronto, Canada 
Met other north homies Cameron Mitch and Ethan aka deputy bool. The Homies. Rode Aurora skatepark then went to the new market indoor park. Went back to Aurora park until we hung out at Cameron’s house
7/12-Ontario, Canada & Michigan, USA
Drove about 500 km today and got to the US border in Michigan. The man that talked to us was very serious but nice as well. He Threatened Cameron to prosecute him if he took a photo of him or if we filmed him as we got to his station. Camped at a rest area in Michigan. Last time I’ll see fireflies on this trip.