Kai Saunders Volume 2

March 01, 2018 1 min read

Kai Saunders has been an AM rider for Phoenix Pro Scooters for over 2 years now and we think it's safe to say he’s been killing it on social media and behind the scenes the whole time! Little fact, this video also came out on his 18th birthday! Kai worked on this video for a little over 3 months and that is incredible for how good the over all video turned out. Anyways, sit back and enjoy as the young Kai Saunders blows your mind!!!

song: Pond - Paint Me Silver

filmers Justin Phillips, Cooper Klaar, Jack McCann, Nathan Flemongo, Matthew Duncanson, Leif Bugge, Lawrence Rubin, Balthazar Neveu, Jasper Russell-Dennis, Benjamin Gaylard