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Cory Vanlew Black Roses | AO Scooters

by Kingsley Okocha May 25, 2016

Many of you may think Cory Vanlew aka Lewy V is a Cali boy but actually his origins are right here in the northwest. I remember meeting Cory Vanlew at Woodinville Skatepark back in 2008 losing my mind that there was another black scooter rider. Even back then he always had the steeze. In the years to come he would get hooked up with Rad Scooters, Inward Scooters, Zero gravity and plenty of other opportunities eventually leading to his position at Sunshine Distribution with Elyts and AO Scooters. Since then Cory has been all over the world pushing the art scootering. His latest project came at a bit of a surprise but we enjoy it nonetheless. Words is he is working on a new project with Elliot Arnold called Hagtown; can't wait to see what else is in store. 



Kingsley Okocha
Kingsley Okocha