Michael Hall's Fakie Fever

Michael Hall's Fakie Fever is an infinite runner developed for mac and windows. Try to get your best time by dodging obstacles and keeping your balance. The game was programmed using C# and the Unity game engine in just under 6 hours. Noah and Michael were at the shop and pondered about possible game mechanics for a scooter game. That night Noah went home and made the whole game and this is what it turned into.
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Game Creator: Noah Williams
Rider / Character: Michael Hall
Concept: Noah & Michael
Music by Neocrey

How to get the game download: 

  1. Add to cart + checkout
  2. Download file from link
  3. Open the executable file for your type of OS to install or launch

Directions for play:

  1. Space is to jump 
  2. L/R arrow keys or A/D for keeping balance
  3. esc to quit

Have fun!